How to provide Instant Quotes 24/7

1.75 Million web sites have “Free Quote”!!  Very few have “Instant Quote”. 

Do you waist time visiting sites to just find out the tire kickers had no clue about the price range of the project and cannot afford it?

Then give them self-help INSTANT QUOTES 24/7 with our patented eCommerce Engine.


Use as a tool to do the quote on site then print it out and get the signed order instead of going back to the office to use the spreadsheet, email it, then follow up with multiple calls.

Has your search for an eCommerce that allows multiple options and math on those option been futile?

Change your “Free Quote” words with “Instant Quote” with a link on your Web site that will take prospects to our Patented Instant Quote service, where you are in control of the Questions and the math to compute the price.

No credit card until day 31 where you can continue for only $0.25/hour 24/7 quotes are available.

We have a patented solution that provides Quotes/Order based on multiple answers for many industries that will REDUCE overhead cost allowing you to be more profitable.  

The Wizard provides ability to define the questions, process math to compute the selling price & logic on all the Configured answers.  It allows for eCommerce quotes or orders.  Also allows the ability to define rules on allowed answers and inter option checking in a pre-defined form. 

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